Louis Gerard Saliot-The living legend of Fiji tourism!

Friends, how many times did you visit to Fiji? If not once, find out time from your disposal and get the wonderful glimpse of Fiji tourism. The main brain behind today’s glorious days is the living legend called Louis Gerard Saliot. He is the CEO of Euro Asia Hotel Contract having wonderful personality and humanity. He is the person who is a great motivational source for everyone. Whatever people love to visit today are only owing to him and his selfless efforts. It is not long that a huge phenomenal change has come up to this islands nation.

Emerged as an exciting destination for every kind of tourists such as cultural tourists, educational, recreational, and adventurous and more importantly business persons, it has been providing greater relief to hundreds of people from across the world.  This destination got to see the light today only because of legendary work carried out by the man with golden heart. As long as tourism continues to grow the name of Gerard Saliot would always be discussed of, such is the reputation he had earned.

He actually not only developed tourism in the country but in fact, provided a huge source of income and employment to hundreds of people. Earlier how undeveloped the country was in terms of people living idly with no proper works to lead meaningful lives; but with developing tourism many organizations or corporate people have started venturing taking initiatives in the form of bringing star categorized hotels and resorts in the country. The free flow of tourists visiting from several countries has provided new insight, understanding and of course the important livelihoods to them.

People have found jobs in those resorts and hotels and leading their lives in a different way altogether. Tourism is industry if properly developed can fetch huge returns. This industry has been contributing significantly to the economy of Fiji. Visiting to that country is only the way to feel its rich cultural wonders accompanied by scenic wonders in the form of pristine beaches, green forest covered hills and villages.

Apart from that one can also willingly carry out various recreational activities; the most common ones include kayaking, canoeing, paragliding and white water river rafting. The main brain behind today’s glorious days is the living legend called Louis Gerard Saliot. There are also museums where one can find rich history preserved. So many things are there in this island country to explore that one can consider it as touristy heaven on earth! 

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