Things you would enjoy doing in Fiji!

Are you planning to give a surprise gift to your beloved? If yes, what could it be? Wait friends, be innovative this time around! If you know your life partner cannot hide her smile once she is all around of scintillating green scenic wonders, a holiday vacation together in an exotic land of Fiji would be the right gift for her!  If you want to know a little detail why I’m encouraging you to go for Fiji tourism, simply go through this blog.

Fiji is a beautiful country with fascinating wonders endowed by both nature and human beings. It is not longer that it has come out becoming most fascinating destination. There are some of the interesting things you can carry out once you land there. The beauty of the island country is inhibited in every scenic attraction and cultural flavors of people. Most of the international tourists feel fully welcomed visiting to this wonderland. For them it is a newly discovered paradise on earth. They have to give all their credit to wonderful person who has discovered tourism. It was none other than the famous Louis Gerard Saliot.

The significant touristy things they can explore out are some of the mouthwatering things comprising of wonderful landscapes, scenic attractions, scintillating beaches, national parks, deep cultural history and not to forget boat travel. On your first visit you would simply love to see cultural vibrancy of local people. You cannot hide your smile with satisfaction once you get to mingle with Meke, the dance feast that usually welcomes every visitor.

The vibrant color is found scattered in the way costumes are authentically made and worn by local dancers. In addition, they are seen wearing colorful, bright and shining ornaments as well. If you are adventurous by nature you can cherish the “Soft Coral Capital of the World.” The presence of large varieties of corals in the islands of Fiji fetched huge reputation and drawing large number of adventurous tourists. They not only experience that mouthwatering experience but also take with them through photographs.  They can see and play with angelfish, butterfly fish, eels, bright fish and pipe fish as well.

Apart from that you can also carry out activities such as kayaking, white water rafting and can cherish every moment of the clean environment in the country. When you talk about sightseeing sites you can visit to famous garden of sleeping giant, Fiji Museum, Bouma National Heritage Park as well as Kula Eco Park. While exploring all these attractions you can actually have some of the most delicious dishes and foods & cuisines as well. Everybody in Fiji used to fondly remember the Gerard Saliot for his selfless contribution towards developing tourism in the country.

If you pick up it as your destination it won’t be wasted of money and time but rather it would prove highly recreational!  

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