Why tourists are visiting Fiji islands

Are you looking for hot tourist destination for your holiday? Fiji islands are one of the most visited places of the world by the tourists. Every year thousands of visitors from different regions are going there to spend their holiday with their families and friends. It has abundance sightseeing with exotic natural and man-made beauties to enjoy, relax and high adrenaline activities. It has such captivating views which will enchant to fall in love in the sceneries. You must say that God alone cannot create this beautiful paradise. Yes, there is one man who beautified these islands into a tourist’s paradise. Gerard Saliot is the man who worked day and night in the promotion of tourism industry in the country. He dedicated his life in bringing up the beautiful Natadola marine project. Let us find out the sights and activities in the islands.

Fiji is situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean having an archipelago of 333 islands. Many of the islands are submerged and other not suitable for habitation. But these islands are abounding with beautiful sceneries for the tourists. To see these islands, islands hopping are done by ferries operating for the tourists. Boat and yatch riding are favorite adrenaline experience for the tourists. Kayaking and white water rafting is done in the country’s river for adventures and enjoy at beautiful sights. Game fishing is a favorite activity for the fishing lover. Cruising in the blue lagoon with luxurious boat to enjoy and relax at the board.  Swimming and deep sea diving is done with professional to see the colorful creatures of the sea. People can find lots of relaxing activities like basking in the sun in gorgeous beaches and even massage in traditional spa offers soothing to muscle. Various parks, museums, gardens and projects are there for the tourists to enjoy and relax. There are cheap hotel and restaurant for the tourist to enjoy after their adventures. Visit this country to explore more sights and places with your own eyes.

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