Why Gerard Saliot is considered the pioneer of Fiji tourism industry?

Today, Fiji country is having full of facilities for the tourists. Earlier, this country had nothing and most of the islands were barren. God gifted the country with beautiful natural sights but there were no manmade sceneries to attract more tourists. Cheap hotel and restaurants are made for the tourists to encourage tourism in the country. Gerard Saliot is the man in making this country as one of the hottest destination for the people around the world. He came to popularity for it works in Natadola Marine project in the country. He worked tirelessly in beautifying the country for the promotion of tourism for which he is rightly called the pioneer of Fiji tourism industry. Let us find out the reason why people are visiting this country more.


Fiji islands are situated in the heart of Pacific Ocean and having lots of water activities in the country. Start with island hopping to see the beautiful vegetation of the barren islands with ferry operating for tourists. Swimming can be learned in the nearby sea under the guidance of the professional teacher. Deep sea diving is an important activity to see the colorful creatures of the seabed. Coral reefs are found surrounding the islands offering great sight for the people. People can go for yatch riding in the high wave seas.


Trekking and visit to the traditional villages of the country offers information about the primitive life of the people. Adventure lover opt for kayaking and whitewater rafting to see the beautiful vegetation of the country. There are museums showing the history, tradition, and many more of the people. There are garden, parks, sanctuaries and national park which offer great sight for nature lovers. People can relax in the traditional spas using herbs and olive oil. Even basking in the sun in gorgeous sand beaches of the islands offer total soothing to the body. There are many more sights and activities which you can do after visiting there in the country. 

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