Gerard Saliot created Fiji’s tourism industry

Fiji is a poor country with few industries like sugar, clothing and Fiji water to keep the economic growth of the country afloat. After the promotion of tourism in the country economic growth is getting accelerated. Tourist from the neighboring area like New Zealand, Australia, England and America comprise 75% of the total tourists visiting the country. Its tourism industry is rapidly increasing and helping in the stabling economic growth. The turn over from the tourism industry is over a billion dollars in the recent years. The numbers of tourist visiting the country is rapidly increasing due to the sights and amusing activities. Gerard Saliot is the person behind making this country into a tourist friendly. He worked tirelessly in turning the barren islands into a tourist paradise on the earth.

Country is blessed with lots of sights of natural and water activities. People can do island hopping with the help of boat operating at regular interval. It is used to see the beautiful vegetation of the barren islands. Driving yatch and water jet are adventurous activities for the tourists in the country. Luxurious boat is operated to enjoy and relax afloating in the blue lagoon. Fishing lovers can go for the fishing in the deep sea in the good weather. Watch the game like football, volleyball, rugby, and golf to relax in the country. Kayaking and white water rafting are popular adventurous activities in the country done in the Fijian river. Deep sea diving is done in the nearby sea to see the colorful sights of the seabed. Soft coral reef presence makes it more special for the tourists.

Country has gorgeous beaches surrounding the islands and perfect place for relaxation. Traditional spas offering massage to revitalize the muscle using herbs and olive oil. Cheap hotel and restaurants are found in the country which helps in spending the time nicely. There are museum, parks, sanctuaries, garden and other projects in the country for the tourists. Visit the country with your family and friends to enjoy and explore in the islands.

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