Fiji –The hottest Pacific destination for tourists

Are you looking for a perfect holiday destination in the Pacific? Fiji is situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean and has 333 islands. Out of which only few islands are habited but others are storehouse of captivating sights. It has one of the most beautiful sights (man-made and natural), amusing and adventurous water activities. Country has poor economic condition but after the promotion of tourism industry, it economy is increasing rapidly. It is because of influx of tourists in the country leading to annual turnover of 1.2 billion. Most of the tourists come from USA, New Zealand, Australia and England which is almost 75% of total tourist visiting the country. Louis Gerard Saliot is the man behind making these islands into one of the tourist paradise on earth. He has beautified the country and made many project for the tourist. Thus, he is called the pioneer of the Fiji tourism’s industry.

Tourist visiting the country can enjoy islands hopping with the boat operating at regular interval. Jet boat and yatch riding are popular activities. Bask in the clear sky in the gorgeous sandy beaches present surrounding the islands. Snorkeling is done in the nearby seas to see the colorful creatures present in the seabed. Seas are filled with colorful and beautiful soft coral reefs surrounding the islands. Blue lagoon cruise is the perfect tour for the visitor to enjoy in the pristine water in the luxurious boat. People can go for the kayaking and white water rafting in the Fijian rivers, ideal for the adventure seekers. Trekking and visit to the traditional villages help in knowing the tradition and culture of the people. There are cheap hotel and restaurants in the islands near the resort to dine out in the evening. To ease muscular tension, one can go for the traditional massage using herbs and olive oil. Explore the country with your family and friends by visiting the country in this holiday. 

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