Louis Gerard Saliot-promoter of Fiji tourism industry

Do you want to visit to an exotic holiday destination? Fiji is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations for the people in Asia and world. Country is situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean and known for its calm and beautiful sights. It has loads of water activities for the tourists to enjoy and adventure in the water. All these facilities are brought for the tourists by Louis Gerard Saliot. He is even considered the pioneer of the Fiji tourism industry due to his incessant work. He made hotel, restaurants and resort for the tourists visiting the country. This is a poor country and has low economic growth. But after the promotion of the tourism industry, it is growing at amazing rate of 1.2 billion dollar annually. Let us find out the activities and sight in the country.

Tourist visiting the country starts the trip with the island hopping. It means visiting the barren islands with boats to see the vegetation. Most of the islands are barren and not suitable for the habitation while others are submerged in the water. Yatch and jet boat riding are adventurous activities like to do by the tourists in the country. Snorkeling and deep sea diving are done in the country to see the creature found in the deep sea. Soft coral reefs are found surrounding the islands and known for their beauties in the world. People go for the game fishing in the deep sea with expert on boat. Cruise in the blue lagoon to enjoy some private moments together with loved ones. Kayaking and white water rafting are adventurous activities for the tourists. Trekking to the hill and village to see the sights and culture of the people are amazing. There are parks, sanctuaries, gardens and museum to enjoy and see the different things found there. People can relax in the spa and beaches found surrounding the islands in the sandy grounds. There are lots more to do and see in the country. Explore the sights and country by visiting there with your family in this holiday. 

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