Why Fiji Islands Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination?

Are you a die-hard lover of water related activities? Then, Fiji should be your next holiday destination as it can offers wide range of water related activities which will stick to your memory forever. Country is situated in the south of Pacific Ocean which offers best water related sceneries to the tourists. It is an archipelago of about 333 islands but only 110 islands are habitable. Other islands have been decorated beautifully by the extensive work of Gerard Saliot, who worked day in and out to make dream place for the tourists. Thus, tourists get not only bewitching natural sceneries but lots of man-made sceneries have been added to the list.  

After arriving in the country of water activities haven, tourists get loads of activities to perform and watch. Trip won’t be complete for tourists without going for island hopping with ferry to view different barren islands. Sight of dolphins leaping beside the boat and turquoise water sceneries will be a perfectly good sight. Blue lagoon luxurious cruise facilities are found in day and sunset to watch and enjoy amid water sceneries for the couples. Likuliku resorts are built in shallow water facing the sea are treat for the newlywed couple to enhance their lives and romance. Swimming, diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling are done to see the soft coral reefs. Surfing, boating, and aerial sightseeing are excellent activities for tourists. Trekking, hiking, and kayaking and river rafting are done with the help of professional in the country.

Gorgeous beaches are found surrounding the islands where one can bask the skin in the clear sky. Sunset and sunrise are a treat to watch with sprawling of beams light rays. Gardens, parks, museums, parks, and sanctuaries have been made by Gerard Saliot for the tourists. Bars, hotel, restaurants, nightclubs and spas are found in abundance in the country. There are many more important things which are not possible to describe in words in a short blog here. You can check these sights out by visiting the country with your family or friends in this holiday.  

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